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Friday, August 2, 2013

Sewing room of my Imagination designed in Polyvore, I'm really becoming addicted.

Sewing room of my Imagination

Corset dress
42 CAD - loveburlesque.com

Wunderkind floral dress
1,115 CAD - avenue32.com

Vintage dress
125 CAD - etsy.com

Globetrotter Antique Stripe Travel Trunk
620 CAD - alexanderandpearl.co.uk

Jayson Home Antique French Trunk
1,950 CAD - jaysonhome.com

Jayson Home Antique Mannequin with Stand
1,640 CAD - jaysonhome.com

Oly Studio Beverly Side Chair
1,595 CAD - zincdoor.com

Kingston Antique Map Walnut Desk Globe
95 CAD - lampsplus.com

Antique Basket
235 CAD - orientalfurniture.com

Stiffel Antique Old Bronze Table Lamp
270 CAD - lampsplus.com

Krista R Summer Memoir III
370 CAD - boticca.com


  1. Wow Jean! What a great composition! Your arrangements are beautiful and the choices of accessories is so varied and so interesting! You call it a sewing room of your imagination, but I don't see any sewing going on, Jean!? I guess you must be tired and that is why you are lying about on the pretty sofa, as you think about all that work that is surrounding you! heehee! Now which dress will you wear when you get up and put some clothes back on?


  2. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much!! LOL, you can see the collar I just finished on the table (unless I moved it). You are close, but that is also a mannequin on the couch, for the work I do in the theater (in my fantasy). Fabulous, luxurious fabrics in the trunks and I get so much sewing finished there, not like my very sporadic sewing in real life where the fantasies are more real than reality.
    Mini Hugs, Jean

  3. O no, Jean, I used to play a similar game online called My Mini World. I LOVED it! I think you may have just given me my next obsession! Shucks!

    Guess what, I have just joined Polyvore :) and given you a like :).

  4. Sans, That is wonderful, I'm all for obsessions..if I get too obsessed with one I move on to another, LOL. I know the site you mentioned and it is fun. Thank you so much for the like, I hope you enjoy it there. Hugs, Jean


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