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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Mother's Clippings, printables

My Mother’s Clippings

I’ve been organizing all of my containers of miniatures and cupboards full of supplies. It brought to mind my mother’s enjoyment of organizing her hobbies and how much she loved magazines. In one box I found a clipping mom must have saved for me and I have scanned it out for you to see above, cute ideas for Christmas from an old 50’s magazine.

I really inherited my love of old books and magazines from my mother. She would love to sit for hours surrounded by magazines, flipping through their pages and tearing out pages of interest to her: recipes, gardening, hobbies and health issues. She would be sitting in her favorite chair with her legs covered by a familiar mohair blanket that she had for years and a box beside her for the clippings. This was before computers, Google and Pinterest to search for information about everything. Keeping these clippings must have been like a life line to her so she could retrieve information whenever she needed it. She always mentioned she would have to file them one time. I used to tease her about keeping the magazines for so many years and wouldn’t she rather “clear the clutter”. She always said she wanted to go through them first. Although my comments were probably difficult for my mother she probably knew in her heart I would find myself doing that as well when I was older. Each of the magazines I have saved I can remember as though they were friends. Sometimes when I pick up an old magazine it reminds me of what I was doing at the time I bought it or looked through it. Perhaps my son had visited and I had to put it down so I could listen to him. So sometimes old magazines are not just old magazines but are a reminder of times in our lives. She was also very interested in embroidery and sewing so I’m sure many of the clippings were stepping stones to a creative endeavour in those areas.

After she died I didn’t throw out her clippings and old calendars but I kept them and have really enjoyed going through them so much, a little bit of mom is in each clipping. I was quite pleased to find miniature clippings too about different famous miniature houses in museums and articles about making houses using fabric. It was like she knew I would be looking through the boxes some day and would enjoy finding these. Thanks mom so much for your symbols of love.
I really hope all magazines in the future won’t just be kept on an ireader, iphone or ipad but remain physical memories that can be passed on to the next generation.

All the best everyone, Hugs, Jean


  1. Hi Jean, What a lovely post. I can well imagine your Mother and the pleasure she received rediscovering the contents of magazines that can always reveal something new. I am often surprised when I sort through pages I have torn out that I find something on the back of the page I thought was of interest.
    No wonder iris difficult to part with some collections.
    Days continue to shorten here in Tsawwassen bu T we will celebrate when the shortest day has passed.

  2. Such a lovely reflection. It is lovely you can feel close to her when you look through her clippings.

  3. Its a great link to the past and memories of your mom. Such classic art style in the clippings they are wonderful!

  4. Delightfully special, Jean! I too am a purist when it comes to books and magazines. You can't clip, underline, take notes, etc. on an e reader. Those clippings are indeed precious.

  5. Thank you so much everyone for your thoughtful comments! Hugs, Jean

  6. Janine, You are just a ferry ride away from Victoria. Hugs, Jean


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