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Friday, March 21, 2014

New Little Red Riding Hood Toy Theater Kit

New Miniature Toy Theater Kit

For years I have loved Fairy Tales and have collected many antique Fairy Tale books. I really have enjoyed finding many variations of the same fairy tale from about 1860 to 1950. Only the images from before the 1930's are the ones I use in my projects, digital and kits for copyright reasons.

I used many of my antique children's books for the images in this toy theater which I designed with inspiration from antique toy theaters.  My favorite Little Red Riding Hood book is from 1896 and that is the one I used for the front header and images on either side. Another book I used has a fabulous rose cottage on the cover and I used it for the granny and then wolf in the window scenes. I also used photo shop to design the scene behind the mother and Little Red. This theater is something I've thought about designing for a long time so I found it really exciting to make.

This kit is nice to make up because it is a fabric panel and glue doesn't stick to it, the scenes are on photo paper. It would look great in a child room on a desk in one twelfth scale or in an outdoor scene in half scale.

Shelly's Show, A Mini Miniature Show

Shelly's wonderful Show started yesterday and goes on until Sunday. I've been having so much fun looking at each of the tables. It is free to view and shop and you don't have to leave home!
Here is a link to get into see the show http://aminiminiatureshow.weebly.com/ Just click on the dealer link in the top header and you can choose by alphabet or dealer by scale.

I have many new miniature kits I'm offering this year at 25% off and since we sell in Canadian funds on our website it offers US customers an extra savings. The new kits are in both one twelfth and quarter scale. My new kit include a mini Little Red Riding Hood Toy Theater, Quarter Scale Memory Trunk and French Sewing Kit. Here is a direct link to our show table.

Hope to see you there! Mini Hugs, Jean


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