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Friday, March 21, 2014

New Little Red Riding Hood Toy Theater Kit

New Miniature Toy Theater Kit

For years I have loved Fairy Tales and have collected many antique Fairy Tale books. I really have enjoyed finding many variations of the same fairy tale from about 1860 to 1950. Only the images from before the 1930's are the ones I use in my projects, digital and kits for copyright reasons.

I used many of my antique children's books for the images in this toy theater which I designed with inspiration from antique toy theaters.  My favorite Little Red Riding Hood book is from 1896 and that is the one I used for the front header and images on either side. Another book I used has a fabulous rose cottage on the cover and I used it for the granny and then wolf in the window scenes. I also used photo shop to design the scene behind the mother and Little Red. This theater is something I've thought about designing for a long time so I found it really exciting to make.

This kit is nice to make up because it is a fabric panel and glue doesn't stick to it, the scenes are on photo paper. It would look great in a child room on a desk in one twelfth scale or in an outdoor scene in half scale.


  1. Oh, Jean --- this is just darling! I'd probably build a whole mini room around it. You are so talented!!!

  2. This is so lovely!!! I'm in love. I just favorited it on Etsy so that I can buy it next week!!!

  3. Thank you so much Mary Ann, I was sort of visualizing a scene with it in half scale. So lovely of you to comment, I loved you Dandelion poem.

  4. Thank you Simona, I have sent you an email about our 25% off kits through Shelly's Show that I advertised in a previous blog this morning. I don't know if that will suit you timewise but I thought I should let you know.

  5. This is amazing work, Jean, I love it! I also am fond of fairytales :D! I am used to say to my kids: your Mom likes to stay abit like a young child on the inside......it will keep you young forever ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. This is such a fabulous kit. I love it. I love the old imagery.

  7. I completely agree Ilona!! When you think young I'm sure you feel young.

    Hugs, Jean

  8. Thank you so much Sharee, so lovely of you to visit. I love the images in each of my antique books too. So soft and delicate. Hugs, Jean


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