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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Open to the Public, NAME's online HouseParty Roundtables and Dealers 11-6 PM PST

Wonderful news!! You may have heard people talk about the NAME Online HouseParty that has been underway this week. Today, April 27, 2014 is Public Day that follows a pattern similar to face-to-face HouseParties. NAME will be opening the doors to the Salesroom and the Round Tables to the public from 2 pm to 9 pm EST today. We invite you to join the fun. It will be at Special Events, NAME--http://specialevents.name Then click on the link for the 2014 Online Houseparty. 
Everything on our website is in Canadian Funds so that is an extra savings for our US customers because of the exchange rate. I hope you will enjoy the NAME HouseParty roundtables and dealers!


  1. I adore your baby clothes and plan on purchasing some for an upcoming nursery scene. I know you said awhile back that you sell most of your stuff through your ebay store. Is this still true? I'm considering opening one.

  2. Hi Ruth, Thank you so much about my baby clothes kits. I still do really well on eBay and the cost of selling is much less than it used to be when I started. My id on eBay is jdayminis. All the best. ♥ Jean


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