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Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Laser Cut Quarter Scale Kits 1:48 scale just in time for Halloween Decorating. Fireplaces too!! Laser Cutter


  1. Oh, these are just wonderful! I haven't worked in 1/4 scale yet; these kits just may be the inspiration I need!

  2. Thank you so much for having a look Mary Ann. I really love quarter scale and I'm sure you would too. It takes up so little room and it progresses a bit more quickly than larger scales. Mini Hugs, Jean

  3. The fire places are absolutely wonderful, Jean, just as your other (Halloween) miniatures are ;)!
    What is 1/4 scale in centimeters, Jean? Is is 1:48 scale or smaller......sorry for asking, but I usually have a bit of problem with converting the inch sizes. Perhaps you can also add these sizes in your shop too for foreign people/bloggers, who use measurements in centimeters...?
    Hugs, ilona

  4. Hi Ilona, Thank you so much for your very kind comments. These are 1:48 and I usually use that too in my listings because Canada is metric too. I will remember to add that in the future, thank you very much! Mini Hugs, Jean

  5. Hi Jean! Your mini Minis are just Adorable! I love the way that you have colored the fireplaces using watercolor pencils; what a Great Idea! It gives a delicacy to the wood which is entirely in keeping with the scale. Beautiful Work! :D



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