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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Quarter Scale 1:48 Laser Kits, A Mini Miniature Show Mar.19-22 with over 75 dealers

 This is my most recent kit addition to my 1:48 scale roundtable kits "Spring Bunny Accessory kit" and mega kit I have available at Shelly's show that starts March 19th to the 22 and has over 75 fabulous dealers. I've had a chance to have a look at each of their offerings and they are amazing.

I hope you will all join us, there are door prizes too. The roundtable kits, mega kits and workshop pages are now open to the public from links at the top of the show home page but the show opens late on the 18th. http://aminiminiatureshow.weebly.com/
I will also be offering 10% discount on our kits from our website http://jdayminis.com during the show which is in Canadian funds so that is a significant savings to our US customers because of the exchange rate making the discount about 30% combined savings.

Here are more of my 1:48 roundtable laser cut and engraved kits that will be offered for $5.00 as roundtable kits at the show.

This Quarter Scale French Country Sofa that matches my chair is a Mega Roundtable kit at the show for $12.00.

Hope you enjoy the show!!

Hugs, Jean


  1. Hi, Jean! These laser-cut pieces are absolutely beautiful. I've only done one 1/48 house, a tiny bungalow that I put together in memory of an old friend's mother. I named it "Hilda's House."

    My current project is a 1/12 loft. In my little imaginary world, this place is an old tool shed/workshop on the roof of a factory. Below it are modern apartments. Inside it is a studio apartment. I'm decorating it with woodsy things: little slices of birch branches, pieces of bark, tiny findings. So far there's a galley kitchen with modern black appliances. The challenge is creating a functional, homey space in one room. It's so different from what I usually create but so much fun! I'll post some photos of this work in progress a little later on.

    In the meantime, have a most blessedly creative and creatively blessed day!

  2. Thank you so much Mary Ann! Hilda's House sounds wonderful, so nice to make minis with memories.

    Wow your current project is so creative. Love woodsy things and it must be fun to keep looking for things and great ta da moments when you suddenly find the perfect pieces.

    I would love to see photos.

    You have a terrific, blessed day too. Hugs, Jean


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