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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lesley Ansell-Shepherd 1953-2015 About Miniature's Expert has passed away.

Lesley Ansell-Shepherd 1953- 2015
I posted this message on my Facebook page but I thought it would be good to put it on my blog too to let more people know, who might not be aware of Lesley's passing. The photo above I took when she brought her new puppy Hobbes over to visit last year. Lesley passed away July 30, 2015. I went to a lovely celebration of her life on Sunday. So many friends and family attended.

It is with a very sad heart that I wanted to tell you that my dear friend, AIM member and About Miniatures Guide, Lesley Shepherd passed away July 30. It has been such a shock to her family and everyone who knew her. She died from complications of advanced cancer.

Lesley and I used to love getting together once a week, to make miniatures and talk. She was always so excited about her projects and came up with such brilliant ideas. I loved her spirit and passion for so many things. She was a full scale garden designer (she had a degree in horticulture) and created wonderful miniature plants as well, but her main passion was sharing her creativity with others and helping them with her ideas at About miniatures. Lesley enjoyed doing projects that were with supplies and techniques that were accessible to everyone and could be done and enjoyed by beginners or by advanced miniaturists. I was honoured to have her as a friend and will really miss her.
Cheers Jean


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