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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New 1:12 Scale Laser Lace Designs

1:12 or Twelfth Scale.....These photos shows just a few of my new Cotton Laser Lace designs I now have up on our website http://jdayminis.com
My website is in Canadian funds which means a savings to customers. I have adapted these designs from my antique French, English and US Needlework magazines that I've always wondered why I have kept them so long. More recently I've been really enjoying the antique French cutwork style designs. I'm always so excited and amazed at the detail that the laser cutter with cut the designs. I like the Valentine handbag design with Valentines approaching


  1. Wow...those lazer cut doilies are beautiful.

  2. FABULOUS! (You'll notice I'm shouting!)

  3. Thank you so much everyone!! Very kind of you. Thanks for shouting Mary Ann, LOL. Hugs, Jean

  4. Hi Jean! I LOVE your doilies, they Are FANTASTIC!

    and I have already placed my order! :D

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for your very kind words and for your order! I am so pleased you like them, that means so much to me!

    Hugs, Jean


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