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Monday, February 1, 2016

New 1:48 French Country Kits I am offering at the Quarter Connection Roundtables

These photos show my new quarter scale 1:48 kits that I'm offering for sale in the Yahoo Group Quarter Connection Roundtable and Mega Rountable sales that start today. I designed the laser lace and laser cut furniture pieces and John designed the shutters on his 3D printer.


  1. Hi Jean!
    Your teeeeeensie tiny minis are a marvel because of the amount of detail that you are able to include in this scale. I am smitten by your work anyway, but you impress the pants of me when I see what can do in this small. Tiny and BEAUTIFUL little creations- WOW!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    That is so kind of you to say, you are such a treasure!

    Hugs, Jean

  3. Hi Jean, how tall are the shutters? I'll need some (not sure how many yet) later in the year. Somehow I missed the March round table (having too much "fun" with the endless round of blood and other tests I expect LOL. As they say "Getting old isn't for sissies" Bedt wishes

  4. Hi Janet,

    I am so sorry to hear about your problems, appointments and everything else take up so much time!! Big Hugs I tore a lateral meniscus in my knee and I've been waiting months just for an appointment to a Doctor for the operation.

    These shutters my husband is making in either white or deep French Blue and they are 1 1/4" in height. Mini Hugs, Jean


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