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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Photoshop Digital Scene tutorial with John's photos of his Micro Town

 This was so much fun to work on yesterday. I created a digital scene with John's 3 photos of his micro 1:144 town.  You can see the 3 photos together in the previous blog. For those of you who use Photoshop you might like to know how I did it. I opened a layer and added a scenic photo from Pixabay which is a great place to download images because they are copyright free. I enlarged the scene and moved it so that very little of the sky is showing and it was mostly a green landscape. I opened the 3 sets of photos John had taken of his micro town and turned their backgrounds transparent. Then I added the 3 transparent photos to the scene on their own layers. I moved the top photo down to look more realistic behind the 2nd photo. Using the clone tool I saved various images of the soil and added it to the background scene to make roadways for between the buildings and added them to the front to look more in scale, less rocky, more dusty looking. Then I went to each building layer and added shrub looking plants from the cloned background and a mossy look with transparencies in front of the buildings . The horses were downloaded from Pixabay as well. I created transparencies, cropped them and applied styles and adjustment layers to change the colour and added inner shadows. then placed them between the second and third layers. Fun moving them here and there to see what was the best fit. It was interesting to extend the railroad and add dust here and there too. Thanks for looking, Mini Hugs, Jean. .

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