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Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Freebie Rugs and the Victoria Miniature Show

Here I am, selling at the Victoria B.C. miniature show. Photos above include Sue Vining's micro, 1/144 scale house and greenhouse and Jane's Crofton's Pet Clinic

We had a wonderful time taking part in the Victoria B.C. miniature show yesterday put on by Victoria's Small Endeavours Miniature Club. John and I had a terrific time at the show and there were so many wonderful sale tables and exhibits. I ran into so many friends I hadn't seen in a long time. Lesley Shepherd of Leslie's Garden http://www.lesleysgarden.ca/ was at a table beside me, she is so much fun to chat with and is also the guide for for About.com miniatures. She makes terrific plants with such detail and as a guide is always comining up with terrific miniature ideas and projects. I loved all the exhibits but kept going back to look at Sue Vining's excellent landscaping for her micro, 1/144 scale houses and greenhouse. You can see how Sue made all the very tiny plants in a tutorial she has created here, so interesting!
The club exhibited many stores that they had been working on for the last couple of years. I wish I had a photo of all of them but I didn't have my good close up camera with me so just had a few photos turn out. Jane Crofton made the most wonderful pet store and clinic, showing many of her sweet felted dogs.
I have added more rug freebies to my link mentioned in the previous blog. Click here for the link, the password is jdayfree1 In Quarter Connection message group (great group for quarter scale information) Jennifer Elliott mentioned printing out the rugs on various papers. She has given me permission to mention her information here.
"I printed the rugs that Jean Day was so kind to add as a free-bee to her blog (thanks Jean) onto the fuzzy paper, I used white and it gave bright colours and less detail, I also used beige and it gave a very detailed crisp look with an antique kind of feel and I used photo fabric and it gave a light very detailed look, so you can also get different looks from the material that you use. I use an ink jet printer, I was advised not to use a laser printer because the fuzzy would ruin the printer. " Jennifer makes beautiful miniatures and sells on eBay, I love all felted minis and sells as Jenny Wrenn Miniatures http://www.picturetrail.com/jennywrenminiatures
Cheers, Jean
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  1. Hi Jean! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me nice comments. I was in Victoria 2 times! I really love the city and the beautiful houses. :) Do you live in Victoria itself?

  2. Yes we live in Victoria, it is a beautiful city, Cheers, Jean


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