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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer's Here!!

The first photos shows two new quarter scale French Country kits I had fun designing. The first kit is a French Country Chair, Table, ottoman and lamp. The second kit is a dresser with mirror, accessories and the settee.

For June on eBay and from our web site I'm offering two new books because we were taking a bit of a break in May and I was late getting my May Book of the Month finished.

The first, photo shown above is the Book of the Month for June, Gimbels Summer 1909 Catalogue that I reproduced from my original showing from Paris, London and American fashion styles.

The Book of the Month for June is reproduced from my beautiful antique transformation children's book called The Fairy Ring. This one twelfth scale version is not movable but has many of the rings with the stories.

The last photo shows a new quarter scale kit I recently designed which is a doll house for a quarter scale house. It has two finished floors inside that you can see from this photo.
Included in this fabric kit is the shelf, apron, bag, tiny house, doll house with extra wall covers, shingles and flooring covers. I was thinking that a miniaturist who likes to work really tiny might enjoy making fimo furniture for this kit. Or you can do what I did and leave the furniture for your quarter scale family to make, lol.

While I was having a break, I organized my collectibles room. I had so much fun arranging various collections into vignettes. I have enjoyed seeing vintage displays in so many beautiful blogs. You can see many of these through my favorite blog links on the right. I hope to add photos of some of these arrangements soon. Sure feels good to get so organized and it has really helped me appreciate what I have. By for now, Cheers, Jean

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