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Friday, February 27, 2009

Eulalie's Original Watercolours arrived!!

I was so excited to receive a parcel in the mail the other day with a second original Eulalie book and illustration from a dealer in England. He was selling his original watercolours and sketches
by the artist Eulalie Banks 1895-1999. I was fortunate to have won two of her small books and a sketch, Alice in Wonderland ABC and My 123 book, he also included some tiny sketches as well! Eulalie illustrated over fifty books, gifts cards and ads, I have shown just a few of her books from my collection in the bottom photo. She also did The Three Bears, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood that are a few of my favorite that I have reproduced in miniature. She also decorated nurseries with murals, one was for Charlies Chaplin.

After reproducing a few of her books in miniature, her daughter and granddaughter got in touch with me. Her daughter, Athalie is a miniaturist and said her mom loved miniatures too and would have been really pleased to see her books reproduced. I just wanted to mention this so you could imagine my extreme excitement at being able to purchase her original books and illustrations. The two books are not finished and only have two or three coloured pages but the rest of the pages are lovely sketches as you can see from the photos above. They have never been published. It is so beautiful to feel the texture of the gauche paints she used and see her brush strokes. I hope to reproduce these originals in miniature some day too.

There is a page about Eulalie on my web site here
http://members.shaw.ca/jday1/gallery/eulalie.html if you are interested in reading more.
I also wrote a page about her daughter Athalie McNeely who is a miniaturist and We have some photos of her lovely original dollhouse and minis. She sent me old photos of her mother to use on the page as well, that are just wonderful! Miniature connections can be amazing!!!

Thanks again to the new bloggers who are following me, very thrilled you are interested and I love visiting all your pages.

Cheers, Jean


  1. Thank you Jean, for following and for sharing lovely things. I was moved at the story of the watercolors you got.
    It is moving such pass over from artist to admirer throuh memories. I hope I've made myself clear. I'm not sure. Anyway, thank you again,Rosanna

  2. What a terrific find. My favorite childhood book was a collection of poems illustrated by Garth Williams, The Tall Book of Make Believe. I have my childhood copy and found a reprint back in the 80's in a book store. Now you cannot find them for any less than about $150--very pricey for my meager part-time-job budget!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  3. Oh what a nice surprise...I had all 3 of those books on the right as a child :-)



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