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Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Award from Debbie

I'm very pleased to have been given this very attractive Award by Debbie at Tiny Treasures.
With this award I must list five addictions and pass it on to five great blogs.
Thank you so much Debbie.
My five addictions are as follows:
My husband John, we always have the most wonderful times together
My two sons, love their excitement and zest for life, and their partners
My two cats, Slippers and Smokey, so loving!
Miniatures with the excitement of designing and blogging
Line Dancing, two or more times a week for fifteen years, must love it, lol.
Since the image has a modern French look to me I thought I would pass it on the my favorite five blogs that seems to have a love for French, French Country and Country style. (there are so many blogs I love)
Linda at Une Petite Folie
Zaphia at Aminha Casaem Miniatura or O-Mundo-de-Zaphia
Jen at JemJoop
Rita at Rita's Miniaturas
Jody at Mini Leaps and Bounds

Thanks again, Cheers, Jean


  1. Thanks so much, Jean. It is most appreciated ♥

  2. Thank you Jean!



  3. Una verdadera preciosidad...me ha gustado visitar tu blog...felicidades artista!!!!

  4. Jean, thank you so much for the blog award! I will display it proudly!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds


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