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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Images from my Apothecary Manuscript

Yesterday, Debbie from Tiny Treasures acquired the most amazing, hand blown laboratory glass equipment. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was jealous, you just don't see beautiful pieces like that! You might like to go and have a look at them. Can't wait to see how she uses them. I'm so pleased she shared her great photos with everyone.

Her purchases reminded me of the amazing, very old, Apothecary Manuscript/book from 1800 I found in an antique store while visiting Toronto. It has such beautiful penmanship and is full of recipes or formulas written with a quill pen. One of the formulas is for black ink, which is called Marking Ink in the book and another for keeping your quill hard, which I guess was important. There are also many formulas earlier in the book that I don't understand but look very traditions with labels and ingredients just like the old apothecary bottles I have, probably because they are written in Chemist's French or Latin.

There are perfume formulas too, which really interested me, because I enjoy aromatherapy and oils for making soaps and fragrance oils. I hope to make a miniature book of this one day but thought I would share a few of the pages with you. The middle images printed should be one twelfth scale, the bottom image quarter scale and the top images is a larger dpi to reduce for better detail.

Cheers, Jean


  1. Oh Jean these are fab. I'll have to use some of these in Diagon Alley.
    Thank you so much for sharing these with us once again.
    Glad you liked the Glass, I was totally thrilled to bits. Ed is going to make more for me, so that I can do some dressed Apothecary tables to sell. Just trying to work out how to fill some of the pieces.

  2. wow, how cool! Fascinating to read. I'd love to find a book like that without spending a fortune. Did you get a good deal?


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