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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Images, More Valentine Cards 1920's 1:12 & 1:48

Here are a few more of the Valentine cards from my collection, the middle image is in quarter scale, the first is a larger version to give more detail if you want to scale it down and the third image, if you click on it to print, it should be one twelfth scale. It is lovely to be able to share these unusual images.

I was visiting the Fairydoor blog with beautiful sculptures by Daniela Messina, the most recent shown was the sweetest mouse sleeping in a teacup, just adorable! If you scroll down the page you can see her lovely babies and children.

Cheers, Jean


  1. Thanks for sharing yet again Jean. They are lovely..

  2. Hi Jean!

    Thanks for visiting and following me! You have a gorgeous blog - how cute things! I will look around a lot because I am going to decorate my daughters new dollhouse...I need inspiration and ideas!



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