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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Cottage Gallery & Gift Shop

After my last Watercolour Workshop blog I realized had not taken new photos of my Cottage Gallery & Gift Shop in ten years and I had changed it during that time. The plastic I had put on the paintings caused reflections and actually yellowed so I removed them all.  You can also see the new painting I just finished in the workshop over the mantel piece, thought it went nicely with the theme of the shop.

This room box makes a great place to store paintings until I find rooms appropriate for them in my houses, I can shop from it, LOL. As I mentioned in the last post this room box was one of the workshops I was so honored to take from Brooke Tucker. She was so encouraging and fun!!!

You can see many of my watercolours, some from my collection of sepia photos that I love of children with toys. I made the molds and china painted all the china which I used to sell until  I moved onto computer graphics and designing books and kits. My friend Sue Vining from Victoria, showed me how to make the cottages,I am always very grateful for that. They were so much fun and I made a few in porcelain too.

You can click on the images to open them in a larger window for more detail.
Thank you so much for looking!


  1. It´s very fascinating, Jean, so detailed. Thanks for showing us!

  2. Que maravilla!!!!
    Me encantan la coleccion de fotos de niños en color sepia.
    besitos ascension

  3. Beautiful Jean:) It doesen't even look like a miniature!!

  4. Beautiful shop, Jean! Your paintings are amazing. I've really enjoyed your watercolor tutorial posts.

    - Grace

  5. thats a gorgeous roombox! looks so realistic, I almost didnt believe it to be a miniature!!! I'd love some of those cottages, are they still available anywhere?

  6. It's wonderful! I agree- it looks too real to be miniature! Lovely work :)

  7. What a fabulous shop!! I thought it was real size, lol!

  8. This is a beautiful and very special scene! I love that everything is made by you, I'd like to go shopping there too. :)

  9. Jean it looks so real!!! The paitings are outstanding!!! and all those lovely details!!
    Warm regards,

  10. You know, Jean, I was in the Miniature Museum of Taiwan and there were many of Brooke Tucker's work there. Yours really look like it belongs at the museum as well. Rosanna will go wild when she sees your teapots :).

    I was also curious about those cottages. So this room is 1:12

  11. Wondeful all Jean, congratulations. Best wishes and Happy Easter

  12. It is a wonderful shop, and perfect to display your work.

  13. What a beautiful and elegant gift shop you've created, Jean. It must have taken you months and months to make everything to stock it with, but I'll bet it was very enjoyable work... your love of painting in miniature shows in every single piece.


  14. oh! Jean, but my eyes see well? this is a thumbnail?? if so then it is fantastic, unbelievable! I love your paintings in watercolor and your china are so wonderful!! many compliments!

  15. Wow, Ihad to look twice to see if it was mini? The roombox is beautiful with every bit you have storaged in it!

    Love to have a job like that!


  16. Oh my goodness, you are all so wonderful to take the time to leave your lovely comments, I'm very flattered!! I'm very pleased you like the room box.

    I don't sell my paintings or my fimo items anymore, I just do them for personal enjoyment now.

    That is really cool some of you thought it looked real size. Sabiha, I'll pretend you are working in the store, lol.

  17. Wow!!!
    I have an Award for you on my blog.
    If you wan't it you can pick it up.

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  19. In my blog, there is a prize waiting. For my it is an honor that wants it. A big and small greeting! http: // mispegauraspuntocon.blogspot.com/

  20. on my blog I have a prize for you!
    Come pick it up!


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