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Monday, April 26, 2010

Softies for Shelby

I have just finished making this felt stuffy piggy for Shelby.

Shelby is the daughter of a miniature friend Lori from Oh Mini Of Mine. Her daughter Shelby has kidney failure and is recovering from a broken femur. Carey created a web site called Softies for Shelby and is collecting stuffed softies to help cheer up Shelby. The blog is http://softiesforshelby.blogspot.com/

Thinking of an idea was the most difficult, so many possibilities. First I did a line drawing on paper of a pig and cut the various parts of felt and glued it all together with fabric glue. I then built up the ears and other parts with more stuffing and felt. Then I painted in detail with fluid acrylic paints. I haven't sewn this piggy as you would need to for a younger child. I will get this in the mail tomorrow.

Please have a look at the Softies for Shelby blog, people have done such lovely stuffies and Carey is wonderful for suggesting this for Shelby.

Cheers, Jean


  1. That's so sweet Jean, surely she will love it :)

  2. Jean. I love your little piggy softie for Shelby. I know Lori and Shelby will love it too! Hugs~ Kim

  3. Shelby is going to love your Piggy, Jean. I know I do. xxx

  4. Jean is so sweet your piggy for Shelby! She is going to be so happy with it!!!
    Warm regards,

  5. Such a cute little pig! It is hard to understand why someone so innocent and young should suffer so.

  6. so cute Jean- she will adore it!

  7. I really like your little pig, and it will be helping to make someone happy.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Will you be coming to the show this year?

  8. Thank you everyone. I agree Lisa, it must be so difficult.

    Maia, We might come to see it if we can, I would love to meet you. I didn't hear about the show this year to go into it. I haven't been doing shows recently, it would be very difficult to get ready, nothing is priced. I'm hope you have a great time.

  9. What a precious face on your piggy! That softie is sure to put a great big smile on Shelby's face.


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