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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Painting Workshop, Illuminating in Miniature

First I would like to say how thrilled I am to have 300 followers, please have a look at some of their wonderful blogs.

Recently I joined the AIM or Artisans In Miniature magazine group who create a fabulous, "free" online miniature magazine with Bea Broadwood as the tireless editor and the editorial team. In this months issue you will find three articles I wrote and many other interesting articles and amazing photos by fantastic miniature artists. One article accompanies the Inspiration Board I created above called Illuminating in Miniature. I had purchased a fabulous book on the Art of Illumination last time we were in England that I reproduced as a book in miniature. I also explain how to create your own Illumination of a Gothic letter A shown above, if any of you are interested in this style of art for you castles, medieval or religious scene. You can find more information in this months issue of AIM, Clicking here
It will take you to a free online issue of the magazine that can also be downloaded.

Since this issue has an ecclesiastical theme you can find my article on Worship Furniture, using my grandfather's examples and vintage brochure. I also did another Inspiration Board showing the fabulous stained glass windows and churches we visited in Brazil and Barbados, Spain shown below.

Have a great week! Cheers, Jean


  1. Jean,
    Congratulations for your 300 followers!!! Your blog and works are so lovely so soon you will have much more followers!!
    Warm regards,

  2. Congrats on 300 followers Jean! Beautiful images and I am very curious about the article, so I'm off to check it out. I have been experimenting with water colours after your fabulous posts and I am sure illuminating in miniature will also be on my list of things to try!

  3. Illumination!!!!!! Yay! Jean, have you read "My Name is Red" by Orhan Pamuk? It is about book minaiturists in ancient Turkey :) I love that little book you made on illuminating.

  4. Meli, Thank you so much for your very generous comment!

    Lize, That is so wonderful you are painting, isn't it such a relaxing thing to do? Illuminating can be very free form too, which is what intrigued me, I hope you might enjoy giving it a try too.

    Sans, Oh you just reminded me I haven't put the Illuminating miniature book on eBay or my web site yet, thank you, lol. I haven't read "My Name is Red" sounds interesting, thanks for mentioning it.

  5. I just had a peek at the articles, they're wonderful: informative and inspirational. You always have such nice things to share! I really like the group and the magazine.
    Congratulations on having 300 followers!

  6. Hi Maia,

    Thank you for having a look and your very kind comments. I love the AIM group too!

  7. Hi Jean,
    I just wanted to let you know I received your softie. It is sooooo cute. Thanks for participating. I will be sending all the softies off this weekend. I will post a picture of them all before they are sent.

  8. Congrats on the 300 followers and your articles!


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