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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quarter Scale Free Printable and Quarter Scale Baby Shop

This is part of a Smaller Scales article I wrote for AIM magazine last year. There was more in the article as I added other AIM members but for copyright purposes I have just added the part that included my quarter scale shop. I thought you might like to have a look too. Many of the baby furniture and outfit sets as kits and books on the shelves are available through our web site http://jdayminis.com or eBay if you are interested. I hope you will enjoy the free printable, if you print the above printable at 6" in height it should print out to scale.

Hugs, Jean


  1. Such a lovely shop ,Jean! I will always enjoy seeing it again :).


Thank you very much, so nice of you to take the time to leave a comment and to visit my blog!


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