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Friday, January 29, 2016

Free Printables Roses, Update on previous post about Google Follower Changes and how it might affect you.

Here are a couple more vintage rose ads I found in my needlework magazines from the 1920s. I thought they were really beautiful and removed the lettering for you to add your own words or photos. I thought you might like them for gift cards, scrapbooking, miniature flower catalog covers or a nice miniature framing for a tiny photo of a loved one to frame in you mini house. I'm sure you can come up with many more ideas.

In my blog of Jan 8, I mentioned what I had read in my Google Blog overview and posted the message from Blogger Buzz about Google changing the google followers policy to only include Google Account holders as Google followers. It might affect you if you do not belong to Google. I have noticed that many of my followers are missing. If you noticed you are no longer a follower of my blog you just have to sign up with a Google Account and refollow me. You might enjoy belonging to Google. There are many benefits: Google Gmail, Google books to read for free, Google blogs to make your own easy to use blog and Google+ to connect and follow other Google+ followers and see what they are posting that they enjoy. Thank you so much to my followers, you inspire me to post more and I always enjoy following other blogs. I have always thought it was great to be able to ad images of people I follow down on the left side of my pages, it makes it so much more easy for me to follow others. If you are not on my favorite blogs list you and you would like me to ad you, please let me know and I will ad your blog and follow you. I don't always comment but enjoy reading so many wonderful blogs.

Mini Hugs, Jean


  1. Such cute printables here, Jean. Thanks so much!

    Working on a new miniature building but haven't yet decided on its exact identity yet. Half the fun is creating the concept!

    Sending blessings!

  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    How wonderful you are starting a new miniature project, you are right, the preparation or creating the concept is really so much fun too. I love being in the scene for weeks, it is like living in that small world.

    I'm pleased you like the printables. I've been having fun finding these images while I've been working on new laser laces, sort of a happy bonus to my designing time. Going to work on my journal image this morning, I'm so pleased you shared that on your lovely blog. Have fun with your new project.

    Mini Hugs, Jean


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