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Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Grandmother's Aprons

 When I was looking through a lovely old magazine from 1932 this morning I came across an ad for aprons and the illustrations reminded me so much of my maternal Grandmother's aprons. My mother was born in 1921 so she would have been only 11 when these aprons were so popular. These style of aprons were what my grandmother wore as long as I remember. Since she lived with us from the time I was 9 until I was 18, I remember her wearing this style on Saturday mornings especially when it was her baking day. (Monday was her washing day). She used to make the most delicious scones and potatoe scones that used to be rolled up and eaten with butter and jam melting out of them. She also made a huge raisin cinnamon pie in a baking sheet and her shortbread was the best. I loved the old aprons of my mothers and grandmothers and kept many of them for sentimental reasons. I do enjoy displaying a couple of them on old doors we have in our atrium. I found a couple more of her aprons to show you how similar in style they were to what she wore. The middle apron in the photo above was never warn because it still has a tag on it in paper. There is also a towel that I remembered of hers when I was little. The 2 photos above shows her aprons that are very similar to the ad, one has lovely embroidery too. Interesting what will trigger memories of lovely baking smells and times.

I was thinking that the ad could be useful if you are designing and sewing miniature or larger aprons of your own. I found a lovely designed apron from Portugal last year in a second hand shop, that is yellow with bright primary colours. It is such a treat to wear it while cooking or baking. The bright colours make me feel energized.

Mini Hugs, Jean


  1. Good Morning Jean, You have evoked a lot of loving memories of my Grandmother who wore an apron very similar to one you displayed.
    I would lie in bed listening to her whistling while she stoked the wood stove to warm the house before we rose.
    It was a great joke as she always denied that she whistled as it was considered not to be "ladylike" in her mind. She was also a great cook and it was special to sit at her kitchen table for scones and jam with cream.
    A jug with weighted gauze over it would be placed on the fence post and the horse-drawn milk cart would stop and ladle milk into the jug. Grannie would separate the cream from the top and save it for our afternoon scones.
    My grandchildren often ask about when I was a child and love to hear my memories.
    Regards Janine

  2. Hi Janine,

    That is so wonderful the apron brought back great memories to you too. Lovely your grandmother whistled showing she was so contented.
    I remember the old milk truck. We also had, when I was very young, an old horse and buggy delivering our bread to our house. When I was in the pharmacy and the druggist asked for my address the other day, I remembered how pharmacies used to deliver medicine to your door, especially nice if you were not feeling well. Thanks so much for visiting.

    Mini Hugs, Jean


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