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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Collectibles Room

This is a very full room, many people who aren't collectors look in it and I'm sure they are so relieved they don't collect, lol. I have collected smaller vintage Snoopy figures in the antique metal hospital display and Disney figures, old books and albums, antique children's books and old toys, sewing buttons and ephemera. Thought I would give you a peak. You can see my two country style houses I am rearranging and changing, a half scale house and some of my room boxes. John designed the house shown in the photo above from a heritage country home from about 1880 here in Victoria. I have my other room boxes that are shown on my web site in my studio.

You can see my great grandmother's antique grey wedding dress behind the door, it has a basque too that isn't on it. They were married in 1872 so that would be the age of the gown. You can also see many of the photo albums I've reproduced in miniature.


  1. Jean can we have a closer peek into your room boxes and Doll Houses..

  2. Oh my.......beautiful...but the dusting. That itself is enough to stop me collecting :-)

  3. I am in love with the dress! It is beyond beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing your treasures with us.

  4. My goodness Jean, what a fantastic room. Oh how I wish I hadn't married a minimalist! LOL!

  5. Wow!
    What a lovely room you got!
    I love the Snoopy collection,he is one of my favoruites by my self.I was collecting snoopys when I was a child, and I´ve even named my youngest cat in that name - but in swedesh translate -Snobben!

    I also want to look closer to that blue and white dollhouse, It looks so nice!


  6. Thank you Debbie, I will do that, I'm sort of redoing each of the rooms and I can show them as they are completed, but the room boxes I could show, thanks for asking.

    Tallulah~Belle, no room for dust in there, LOL. Fortunately all the cases and houses have glass fronts but the room is usually closed off and doesn't really get much dust, thank goodness.

    MiniKat, I made a mistake, the wedding dress was my great grandmothers, not grandmothers so I changed it. I love it too and her red shoes that she wore on on the suitcase. She was married about June 18,1872, so it was a June wedding.

    Mercedes, John is a minimalist too but we had an extra room!

    Lena, How wonderful you like Snoopy too, such a happy dog, great name for your cat, love the name is Swedish!

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  7. My goodness, Jean.I thought I am bad BUT you can start a museum, dearie!


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