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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New Laser Cut Cotton Laces in 1:12 and 1:48 scales Ballroom danced in a Movie


Hi Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the idea of Spring or whatever season you are celebrating.

We love Ballroom Dancing and have been taking lessons and dancing now for about 5 years. We had an exciting time a few weeks ago ballroom dancing in the background for a Hallmark Movie, "Once Upon a Prince" that is coming out on TV in April. We danced in the beautiful Ballroom in the Governor General's Mansion here in Victoria B.C. What a terrific experience except it was a 14 hour day, Since most of  the time I felt like I was floating to be in such wonderful surroundings with exceptional actors, other dancers and extras.

While back on earth, LOL, I've been really enjoying designing images for my laser lace grouping kits which I sell on Etsy and through our website. I especially enjoy using images from my antique French Needlework books and magazines such as the French Cherub kit in the first photo at 1:12 scale shown with some of a couple of my porcelain pieces I used to sell years ago. The same design is shown below that one in 1:48 scale for curtains and lace trims, pillows and centerpieces. The bottom 3 photos show how the laces are sold with tabs holding the images that just need to be removed.

Have a wonderful mini life. Mini Hugs, Jean


  1. Oh how exciting Jean! Did you get to wear a pretty dress? It sounds amazing anyway! Loving the new lace too!

    1. Hi Shannon, Thank you so much, I wore a blue sequinned formal dress I had made for a New Years formal dance and it was comfortable which is so important. We don't compete so I'm not fortunate to wear one of those fancy dresses. They wanted saturated colour so it did work well. Thanks about my new lace too!! Mini Hugs, Jean

  2. Hello Jean,
    Your lace detail is so fine and delicate. It looks so realistic and perfectly to scale.
    How exciting to be part of a movie shoot, and what fun ball dancing must be. Let us know when the movie will air.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you so much Giac, so very kind of you to say. It is wonderful what the laser cutter is capable of doing. The Hallmark movie will air the middle of April, if I hear more I will let you know, we might not get it here. All that time and we don't really know if we will show up, LOL. Thanks so much! Big hugs back to you, Jean

  3. Your new lace patterns are Lovely as always Jean and I'm already beginning to imagine them included in my various projects.
    Meanwhile, how Marvelous to know HOW to ballroom dance AND then to be included dancing in a movie- a Double Bonus! :D

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Yes we have been Ballroom dancing for over 5 years and have really enjoyed our classes and dances so much. We don't get into competition, we do what we enjoy. Before that we line danced for over 20 years and even danced in cities in China with a group over years ago. I find dancing is a great way to exercise and I don't really realize I'm exercising LOL. Thanks so much about my lace too, I'm really enjoying the designing. Hugs, Jean


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