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Saturday, December 4, 2021

1:12 Scale Roombox, Christmas Morning: The Boys

As a child, Christmas morning was the most exciting time of the year! I would wake up really early and was aloud to open my stocking but not the wrapped gifts until my parents were finally up. I would wake up my younger sister for this special time too. Santa would always put such thought into my stocking. The little things always meant so much to me.

I made these two room boxes, the girls is shown in the previous blog post and porcelain dolls in the 1980’s and renovated the boxes recently. After having 2 terrific sons myself I realize a girl’s and boy’s Christmas can be quite different. I’ve put free miniature gift wrap printables in the previous blog, many were used in this boy's room and can be printed in various sizes. The bows I made from vintage self sticking ribbon we sell in our Etsy site. Thank you Tony for your beautiful videos.

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