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Friday, July 2, 2010

Steampunk Inventor's Room

I just thought I would give you a peak at the Steampunk room box I'm making. Year's ago I purchased two vintage microscope cabinets from a miniature friend who's husband had worked at the hospital where he found these, he also put in flooring and wall paper. All these years I wasn't able to think of scenes for them and suddenly Steampunk came along and my collecting life started to make more sense. I have loved all the Steampunk Art, images and miniatures and thought these two cases would work perfectly, one for an inventor's room and the other for a Steampunk fashion designer's room.

Years ago I found a large box of pocket watch parts in a jewelry store that was closing out and they have been wonderful for this room. I have made all the tools on the desk and wall from watch parts. It seems in all the years I've collected odds and ends for miniatures I have more brass and metal bits than anything else. These pieces have come in so handy for all the inventions that are in the cabinets.

In 1987 I was given a fabulous miniature Balloon etching from John Anthony Miller called "Around the World" when I joined NAME association. I thought it made a wonderful picture for behind the work table.

I've been having such a great time inventing miniatures for this scene too.


  1. Amazing detail, everything in scale! Where's the time machine?!!

  2. Jean, I have that very same etching....That must mean that we were in the same place at the same time. Too bad we didn't get to meet. Love your room. It is much tidier than Zar's workroom.

  3. Jean, It looks amazing! I am so happy to see this.....maybe it will make me understand what Steampunk style is all about!

  4. It's wonderful, Jean!! I like steampunk but have yet to grasp it! I see so many wonderful altered steampunk art. One day I'll have a try at it!


  5. Oooooh, a steampunk room!! I love it Jean! Wow, so many little details!

  6. I love all the details!! it's a gold mine of teeny tiny goodies on wich I'd like to lay my hands! minihugs Rosanna

  7. It's amazing! Can't believe all the small parts and details, wonderful job you've made, love it :)

  8. This is just wonderfulJean,so many little details to see, I could look at these photos for hours !
    Its great when something comes together like this,
    julie xxx

  9. Thanks to you I have just discovered the steampunk style. Your scene is amazing, so many things to see.

  10. Jean its superb, I think its wonderful.

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  11. Es una maravilla!!!!
    Has conseguido que sea realmente veraz.
    besitos ascension

  12. Wow, so fascinating and beautiful! I'd love to have a closer look at what's in the glass display case. I'm intrigued!

  13. A lovely,cozy room with so much real looking details. Perfect work! Jeannette

  14. Wow, Jean!! I would frame up all the tools I made too if I make them so good!

    What's a microscope cabinet? Interesting, didn't know they build special cabinets for microscopes.

    I love steampunk. It's so intellectual and yet whimsical and fantastic :). I love tools too so this room is really my cup of tea. I wish I can see more details but it must be difficult to photograph all that in such a small space .

  15. Oh Gosh!1 I love it...really...I love it!

  16. Absolutely amazing details Jean, I love it

  17. Oooh wonderful...For some time now,I'm collecting and making miniatures for a frofessor who lives in a house full of collected stuff and curiosa from all over the world....this scene could be a room in his house!!!!!

    Amazing I love it!!!!


  18. It's really wonderful Jean! I'm so happy you posted a sneak peak. :) I love the instruments you created and invented.

  19. Jean is extraordinary!!!
    You have done and excellent work.. and all the details are amazing!!!
    My congratulations,

  20. Oh Jean- it is wonderful! I wish I could see it up close- there is so much detail! I kind of want to shrink myself and get in that room and start inventing!

  21. Thank you so much everyone, I've had the most fun in years with all the little inventions that I hope to show soon. I will also get out my close up lens for those who wanted to see more detail. Thanks again, you are the best! Jean♥

    Susan, Time Machines have always been my favorite concept, just stepping into the room might be the time machine, I'm not sure, LOL.

    Casey, I would have loved to have met you too and maybe we did an one of the NAME internationals. I've been to three.

    Sans, These microscope cabinets are very old wooden boxes that were especially made for the antique microscopes to protect them. I will take a photo of the outside too soon.

    Kim, that would be very handy if you were in there to create!

    Sabiha, An inventors room would be great for your professor, I'm sure he would love it.

    Thanks again everyone, Jean♥

  22. GREAT room!!you can tell the many many hours of work!
    I wonder what the inventor looks like..

  23. Seguro que de aquí salen los mejores inventos.
    Un abrazo


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